Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lincoln is 2!

My "baby" turned 2 on Thursday! I feel like I should be saying "I can't believe it" but reality is- I can! This little boy has been in the "terrible twos" for a while now. Kallen seemed to phase out of it around 2 1/2 so I am hopeful that by the time this next baby comes, we will be in a good place.
I find myself praying that God will take Lincoln's strong will and use it for good. I am not sure what that looks like exactly, but I am just praying that as his parents we can have patience and the wisdom to help him learn to control his tongue and attitude. (yes I just said that phrase in reference to my 2 YEAR OLD! What will he be like as a teenager!?!?)  Unfortunately I am not exaggerating- this is my child who's response to telling him to sit in time-out is "YOU sit in timeout mommy!". And my child who, after being told he will receive a spanking if he does something, weighs his options, does that thing anyways, then bends over for his spanking. Yikes!
But it is not all bad, I see so many good qualities in Lincoln that far outweigh the bad! For one he is smart! (am I allowed to say that about my own child?) Not genius smart, but definitely smarter than his older brother. (yeah I know, probably shouldn't have said that either) He talks constantly, has been able to count to 11 for a while now, can sing several songs word for word, recognizes a few letters, and has a few books memorized too! And he pretends to go potty ALL the time. I am very hopefully that when the time comes, potty training him will be a cinch! (It can't get any worse than what we went through with Kallen)
Lincoln's birthday was last Thursday, the 1st, and although his party wasn't until Sunday, we wanted to make the day special so we took the boys bowling for the first time! They were SO excited and did awesome......
 .....until the 9th frame when they completely lost interest. We barely made it through the last 2 frames, but I considered that pretty good for their ages and super short attention spans.
They were so amazed watching the balls shoot out of this thing, I told them to keep their heads back so many times, I was tempted to let them learn the hard way after a while.
Kallen insisted that he did NOT need to use the ramp. Don't worry, this throw was stopped before it left his hands. ;)
Lincoln had to take a juice box break half way through. This is the look I got when I said "smile and say juice box!"
On Sunday afternoon we had some family over for his big Dinosaur Party!
I had a really hard time getting into party planning mode this year, so everything was done last minute a day or two before.
Our menu was: Punch, cupcakes, Dinosaur toenails and Dinosaur eggs
Dinosaur Bones
(I know it was a stretch, but like I said....Last Minute!)
And of course: left over Halloween Candy :P
What is a party without a little balloon fight!?

My sisters guilted me into making Lincoln a shirt "You made one for Kallen, aren't you going to make one for Lincoln too!??"
So I did manage to find a plain shirt in the closet and make a shirt real quick.
This is the closest I got to a picture of the front of the shirt. It had a dinosaur peeking out of the pocket with a "2" below it.
While Lincoln opened presents, Kallen got some cuddle time in with Papa Ken. I'm pretty sure these two will always have a special bond. :)
Lincoln was pretty excited about this puppy guitar! :)

And I posted this picture because it really shows how Amazing our family is! I mean look at how happy they are to watch a little boy open his presents! And look at Grandpa Dave having a special moment with Kallen! We really are SO blessed to have such amazing family!!
 Check out this awesome chair he got! I was a little jealous! And someone else was pretty quick to move in and try to claim it too!
Lincoln leisurely finished opening his presents in the comfort of his new chair.
And then it was cupcake time!
And by the time it was dark you could finally see the rest of my attempt at last minute decorations. :P
I don't know why I drug my feet so much on having this party. We had a great time with family and it is always fun to celebrate another year!

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